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Let us take care of all of your Web Needs!

From the simple; Informative page to get your business on the map with a professional site


an in depth Online Store, Lead Generations & Sales or Book your Services online.

Allow your Employees and Clients to have all of the information you want right at their fingertips!

Squirrel & Co has everyone covered; from Small to Multi-National, Single User to Infinity! We will always help you grow and grow your system to fit your ever changing needs.

Our iSquirrel Specialists will set you up with everything you need; including, but not limited to:

      1. Full Cloud Based and SIP Desk Phones
      2. Direct Lines, Extensions, Departments, Reception, Fax…..The list goes on!
      3. Full Web Site with Branded Emails and Live Chat Operators
      4. Inbound Lead CaptureNEVER send a potential client to voicemail again! Let iSquirrel collect your leads and send them DIRECTLY to YOU instantaneously!
      5. Automated Assistant РA professional AI System to answer and route your calls faster and more efficiently
      6. CRM’s? Absolutely! Tell us which ones you use, we’ll make them fit!¬†

The possibilities are endless, let us know what you want and we will custom build a system for your business!

Ono Kine Group is the Core of our corporation and is by invite only. If you have been issued a Pass Code CLICK HERE or LOG-IN HERE

ESL (English Second Language) Advertising tailors Your Product’s Marketing Campaign¬† specifically to the American Consumer.

If a potential customer reads an ad that is not properly worded in their native language they WILL move on.

In addition, English Slang and ‘Idiotisms’ are the HARDEST words in the to properly use as a non-native speaker.

Let Squirrel & Co Ltd take all of the confusion out of the USA and we will transform your campaign!

Need Product Support or Live Operators? iSquirrel from Squirrel & Co Ltd has you COVERED!

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